St Mary's Primary School

Leading, Loving and Learning in the heart
of the community

Our Staff

Listed below are the contact details for the staff at our school. In some instances, contacting them directly may be required but for general enquires or enquires that require a quick response, please contact the office here.

Contact Details

Staff Member Phone
Office Steph Nilson 03 755 6133
Principal Nigel Tyer 03 755 6133
Room 1 Phillipa Muir
Room 2 Sharon McNish
Room 3 Sally Anderson
Room 4 Casi Agnew
Room 5 Karen Gwaliasi
Room 7 Rob Kennedy

Board of Trustees

Celine Stokowski Parent Trustee
Alana Howard Parent Trustee
Christina Scott Parent Trustee
Jenna Croft Parent Trustee / Chairperson
Nick Muir Parent Trustee
Karen Gwaliasi Staff Trustee
Karen Becker Proprietor’s Appointee
Parish Priest Proprietor’s Appointee
Kerry Weston Proprietor’s Appointee
Mark van Beek Proprietor’s Appointee
Nigel Tyer Principal
Steph Nilson Secretary